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About us

The Wayne State Writing Center offers free tutoring services to current Wayne State students, faculty and staff.

Our mission

We believe that growth as a writer is a life-long process, and all writers can benefit from focused feedback in a collaborative and compassionate environment. With that in mind, the Wayne State Writing Center is committed to building writers' confidence through peer-to-peer coaching sessions focused on various parts of the writing process.

Learning outcomes

Students who visit the Writing Center will collaborate with writing coaches to:

  • Use assignment descriptions and criteria to create session goals
  • Develop reading, research and writing knowledge applicable to specific assignments
  • Make tone, structure and formatting decisions based on the appropriate rhetorical situation
  • Implement feedback to revise written work


We're located on the second floor of the Undergraduate Library, room 2310. Whether taking the elevator or stairs, you'll find us located along the east wall (to your left from the stairs or directly across from the elevators).

Map of the Writing Center